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Ha, so being the social recluse with no actual friends at all that I am, I'm spending this very meaningful (as if) evening reading Bucky/Steve fics. I dunno if it's worse or better than my Xmas break, which was spent in its entirety on playing Heavy Rain.

Of course it's a completely arbitrary thing to celebrate the beginning of a new year on this particular date, forced upon the world by the pseudo-cultural and economic dominance of the so called Western Civilization (and my bitterness may be showing a little here), but still as a censure it's as good as any, so I'm gonna go with the flow on this one.

Because, as arbitrary a period of time as it may be, 2012 wasn't a particularly bad year. I feel it deserves some form of review and consideration.

So, under the cut there are the things, good and/or bad, that happened to me in 2012, both IRL and in fandom, although I don't have much of a RL, so it's going to be mostly fandom, in no particular order:

-> I finally got my BA. It's in international relations - my thesis was about aging society in Japan, and it was so boring that even my advisor didn't read it. haha, whatever, it's finally done, assholes.

-> I got into not one, but two Master's programmes, and I'm still in both of them. One's international relations, again, and this time I'm writing my thesis on the Yakuza and transnational organized crime in the Asia-Pacific Region; the other's international communication, and my thesis subject is kinda random and a queer deconstruction of Golden Age Batman comics.

-> I lost weight. I'm entering this brand new year with 15 kilos less, baby!

-> I didn't stop lurking, and didn't post a single one of my drawer fics. Why am I even kidding myself than this year it's going to change.

-> I became even more antisocial, and lost me some friends, too. I'm now officially left with one and a half.

-> I had to do the walk of shame for the first time in my life, and without the actual reason for shame. You wanna ask how to lose friends, this is how. The awkward got too much, she couldn't handle it (and also possibly her new-found wasted-bisexual orientation).

-> We got Hawkguy, and, by gods, this should have been the first thing on the list, bro.

-> Marvel NOW in general started, Thor and The Avengers in particular.

-> I came out to a few people and most of them are still talking to me, so yay for the bisexual.

-> I finally dropped all the weak-ass excuses of a social democrat and became a true Marxist! (but not really)

-> I started speaking up during classes, because I had enough of all that capitalist bullshit, and now everyone thinks I'm a lesbian revolutionary. Whatever, keep up with the delusion, masses. (Not that you're completely wrong about me, masses.)

->  The Dark Knight was such a disappointment. I think this is the year I lose most of my trust to Nolan, irrecoverably.

-> I suffered from a long fucking depressive episode that lasted fucking months, and I don't want to even remember it, so why the fuck am I writing it here. (Maybe because if I skipped it, half the years' activities and happenings would be missing. Although they actually already were missing, half my fucking year disappeared into a black hole).

-> I smoked my first (and last) cigarette. I'm pretty pleased with how it went down, although my brother the chain smoker says I shouldn't be, because I was drunk and therefore cheating. Screw you, bro!

-> I got a few new crushes, got over a few old crushes, remained single and secure in this particular state of affairs.

-> I started posting things to my blog, and not deleting them right after. Some of them aren't even locked.

-> I got me a new forever OTP, got a bit disillusioned with one of my old ones for a while (we're good now), read a lot of fics and generally lurked like a boss.

-> I started writing more lesbian porn, and more porn in general, and writing more.

-> I'm still not going to post it tho, I don't think. It's too crappy and non-native speaker-like.

-> Oh, oh, there's gonna be new Sailor Moon in 2013!

-> There were so many crappy anime released, and so few non-crappy, I'mma tear up any second now.

-> I think my parents finally accepted my nerdiness, and geekiness, and that at this point it's fairly unlikely that I'm gonna grow out of fandom. They even make fun of me less than they used to.

(I'm not writing anything on games. Too many feelings, too little control.)

In any other person's post, now would be the time to post some New Year resolutions, or expectation for 2013, but I'm this particular person, so there are going to be none.

Thank  you for reading, self ♥


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