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I'm Mags and this is my blog. The stuff I post here is mostly fandom-related, and, although I do sometimes post RL things, they're f-locked most of the time, so no worries on that front. I also theoretically post my fanfiction here, or I would, if I wasn't an actual chicken that's scared of mockery, ridicule and judgement. So it's probably safe to assume that whoever accidentally ends up here faces no danger on that account, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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There've been some rumours circulating about the possible cast for the Guardians of the Galaxy TV production, and, as much as I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and I mean love, love, man), I really need for Michael Rosenbaum to get this role.
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Ha, so being the social recluse with no actual friends at all that I am, I'm spending this very meaningful (as if) evening reading Bucky/Steve fics. I dunno if it's worse or better than my Xmas break, which was spent in its entirety on playing Heavy Rain.

Of course it's a completely arbitrary thing to celebrate the beginning of a new year on this particular date, forced upon the world by the pseudo-cultural and economic dominance of the so called Western Civilization (and my bitterness may be showing a little here), but still as a censure it's as good as any, so I'm gonna go with the flow on this one.

Because, as arbitrary a period of time as it may be, 2012 wasn't a particularly bad year. I feel it deserves some form of review and consideration.

So, under the cut there are the things, good and/or bad, that happened to me in 2012, both IRL and in fandom, although I don't have much of a RL, so it's going to be mostly fandom, in no particular order:

Warning: bullshit-heavy post under the cut )
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Man, was it ever freezing outside tonight. Brr!

But! The comics! I knew Thor would awesome, and Hawkeye, too. But The Avengers, or more specifically the art by Opena, just blew me away. It's difficult to say more about the story after just this first issue, but it looks promising. Even if it didn't, though, or if it isn't, I'm still buying the comic. The art, man. You cannot not buy it. For the art.

In other news, Colton Haynes is going to be Roy Harper. I don't really have an opinion on this. Roy's one of my favourite DC characters, but I'm pretty indifferent about Arrow. I watch it, seeing as I have lots of time and no actual life to speak of, and I like a couple of things about it, but it's not something that terribly excites me.

I have a similar lack of opinion when it comes to Haynes' leaving Teen Wolf. I didn't particularly like his character, but I feel lukewarm at best about the show in general, so there, whatever. I mean, I've been watching it since the first season (for reasons, see above), and I've read fanfics, but it's not like I have a significant emotional investment in it. It's fun as entertainment, but that's all.
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It's been quite terrible, this past couple of weeks. We finally have a real winter, which means blizzards, freezing in the wind, and public transport screwing us up. I'm lucky if I haven't caught anything today while waiting over 40 minutes for my bus. It may not seem so, but I actually like winter. Just not when I'm freezing my boobs off on a bus stop.

On a much merrier note, I've just seen The Man of Steel trailer. It gave me the best kind of goosebumps. I seriously can't wait to see this movie.

Also, the newest shipment from the US of A came, so tomorrow I'm going to get me a fresh batch of comics. In just a few short hours I'll be putting my hands all over that newest Thor issue, and the new Hellboy, and the Avengers. And Hawkeye. And Captain America. Wow, tomorrow can't come soon enough.

All in all, a pretty good day, even if my usual downer attitude is still firmly in place.
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